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Alpha London

What we were asked to do
We were asked by some colleagues to develop an identity proposal for an East London menswear store entitle Alpha London. The purpose of this project was to attract investors with the view to launching a premium menswear label.

Our process
We were interested in the idea of the Alpha male and building a powerful visual vocabulary around this concept. We shot detailed images North Alaskan sled dogs to evoke a sense of danger and raw power, inversely it also communicated the idea of luxury and opulence. We wrapped all this in a strong colour palette and minimalist typographic treatment. Combined, this resulted in a confident, sophisticated and provocative brand identity.

What we designed
The proposal looked at applying the brand identity to shop fronts, in-store signage, merchandising, and point-of-sale materials.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about this project, our process or have a few questions you'd like answered then please feel free to drop us a line: