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Elixir Wines

What we were asked to do
We were approached by New Zealand based wine exporter Wine Connection to create a bespoke brand identity for their range of exclusive wines. We had always wanted to design a wine label, so we were excited by the opportunity to not only design the label but also develop the brand strategy and name.

Our process
Our priority was to develop an appropriate name as we felt this should be the source of our inspiration. We chose 'Elixir' as it evokes an old world charm and opulence. The 'Elixir of life' was a perfect metaphor as it gives the impression that the product is out of the ordinary, something limited and precious. To reinforce this idea we applied a confident and understated typographic treatment, limited colour palette and tactile papers to convey a sense of tangible luxury. The only decadent element an intricate illustration of a crystal decanter.

What we designed
The identity was initially applied to two wines, with one being an extra limited edition. This included an outer brushed metal cylinder case, with the wines unique edition number stamped onto the lid.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about this project, our process or have a few questions you'd like answered then please feel free to drop us a line: